Foggy Bottom Plan B is an independent organization dedicated to providing free and private emergency contraception to the Foggy Bottom community. The need for emergency contraception is abundant, but its high cost and the stigma in our sexually repressed society are among the many barriers to access. FB Plan B aims to combat these barriers in the greater Foggy Bottom neighborhood by providing free emergency contraception regardless of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability – without judgement or questions.

While FB Plan B is composed of individuals from the George Washington community, our organization is not affiliated with the university and provides emergency contraception to all in the area. Because of institutional policies, GW would not sanction FB Plan B as an official organization, so we do not receive funding or support from the university and depend on volunteers and donations to continue our work.

FB Plan B is not a medical organization, and its members are not medical professionals. We only operate as a distributor of emergency contraception. In order to distribute the contraception, FB Plan B employs a method to protect students privacy. An email account, is monitored by a select few board members, and once a request comes in, an FB Plan B board member will arrange a time to meet on campus and distribute the contraceptive.